Starting your own business doesn't just happen - it takes a lot of guts and commitment.

I was lucky enough to be raised by workaholic parents who thrived on building a reputation in business, from the jewellery and diamond trade to fashion import trade. Retail skill was literally fed to me on a spoon.

Responsibility was handed to me at a very young age and I took it very seriously, my parents saw me as the most mature child and were able to trust me with adult duties.

At the age of 17, I was managing one of the jewellery stores in Parramatta and always put the business first. While my twin sister was out travelling and exploring the world I stayed back and worked hard.

My personal journey then took a dramatic turn in 2011….. a divorced single mother of two with a domestic incident under her belt that ended in tragedy. I re-evaluated my purpose …. not only did I have to make changes to better my own future; but also my children’s future. My focus shifted to a higher level and I realised my life had to reset and restart or I would never be able to eject right now.

I worked with my parents in the rag trade for a few years and found my strengths and passion and developed new skills. Fast forward to 2016, with two boutiques in Sydney and my own fashion label, with new projects always on the horizon.

How did I manage all this you ask? Well, it wasn’t hard…

I found that when I was challenging my own mind I was awakened. I get bored quickly and I use a lot of my time thinking and working on my plans and strategy. I am always focused at full capacity.

Some weekends I would drop the kids off to my parents, with the idea of going out to loosen up but instead, I would end up driving back home and laying on my bed all night and just thinking and planning. By morning I would be exhausted because of all the brain exercise I did. I spent many weekends alone like that, rejuvenating and collecting my thoughts… sometimes we just need that alone time.

True strength is not denying your emotions or vulnerability, but allowing your body to process all feelings of good and bad. Your body needs to experience everything, a full range of emotions to know how to handle it in the future.

Embrace your dreams and fulfil your desires with no hesitation. It is your choice and only you can make it happen. You have the power and no star in the sky can make your wishes come true but you.

The law of attraction is the key to believing in yourself -  it’s ok if you fall or take a few steps back, but never cast yourself as a victim in any circumstance. You cannot survive unless you allow yourself to be in control and alive.

The challenges we face daily are what help the body to deal with stress and crisis and the more you deal with the better you get at it – it’s a survival mechanism. From my life experiences, I’ve valued every defeat, I’ve developed immunity to pressure and infact I work better. I am the calm before and after the storm.

It’s not conditions but the decisions that determine our lives however we choose to live them - being personal or business - we all have a goal. My advice is don’t let disappointment discourage you in any way, own your fears and face them front on and push your limits out of the way.

My darkest days made me realise my potential to beat all odds and prove to myself that my life is in my own hands and only I have the power to make the changes to either develop or destroy. Only two roads to take and I chose the road to my rightful destiny.