1 Year and Counting

On Thursday the 12th of January 2015 Lena Kasparian opened the doors to her very first boutique and launched her own collection and label.

The brand has had an amazing year with multiple achievements and recognition, Opening new doors and bringing more opportunities.

They say the best way to expand is by word of mouth and its true Lena has people talking, as the public's response to her designs and service have been admired and recommended.


Pushing forward a year, it was time to celebrate a small step in the fashion industry but a mile stone for a determined individual, Lena Kasparian is  truly remarkable and a passionate women with drive to go global  with her brand. On Saturday the 6th of February 2016 KASPARIAN hosted an intimate cocktail party in her self titled boutique. Invitations was extended to a select clients, photographers, models, fashion designers and other people in the fashion industry and trade not to mention supportive friends. She wanted to keep it intimate and small. The Guest mingled while listening to the smooth sounds of Bob Marley and enjoyed the food and beverages. It was a delightful and  relaxing evening with a lot of laughs and smiles.


The love and support I have received from complete strangers is immense and i am so honoured to have such individuals come into my life as they teach me to grow and be my better self.

All my fans, clients, customers and friends on all social media apps and pages, most i don’t know personally but i feel a special bond with all of you, it is true when they say the world is a so big yet so small. Social media brings people together from all parts of the World and it is a blessing to have followers who believe in my vision from the other side of the Planet.

As we turn a full 360 we have come to celebrate the brands 1st birthday and the birth of the very first retail store, as i reach a mile stone, i am grateful and humbled by the public support.

During my first year i achieved many goals one also being to be recognised as one of Sydney’s leading retailers and won the prestigious Business Award.

An honoured member of the World wide branding recognition, amongst many certifications and achievements i also had opportunities to work with many models and photographers along with stylist and celebrities, featured editorials in magazines, charity events and pageants over the year.

It has been an extraordinary year for the team, my business and my family.

I like to extend my gratitude to all and say a BIG Thank you.

Here’s to the future

with Love

Fashion Designer and Creative Director

Ms Lena Kasparian

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